P.S I Love You

I shop almost every week and Im certainly having bad habits of buying things without much considerations and losing passionate to my used-to-be-sodamn-loved stuff in a pace which might not tally its value.

Last Friday, I've collected my poor paqpaq from HP service center with it's motherboard replaced. Without the fresh feelings as the previous fix of my lappie, paqpaq has turned back as a blank lappie. Memories and even my working data are all gone with the old motherboard.

I stare at blank strange paqpaq and it stares me back innocent. How on earth Im gonna handle it...? Im an absolute idiot in IT....

I need a therapy

I made my way towards Bangsar Telawi. Done some quick shopping in my favourite boutiques and finally got myself the novel I failed to get last week ---- P.S I Love You.

Needless to say this short trip had burnt a hole in my pocket.

Very Berry Singlet @ Oopsie Daisy RM39.

Three dresses + one lacey top @ My Dress Room, costs me RM28x with 10% of membership discount :)

P.S I Love You of Cecelia Ahern, my best-purchase of the week.

Unlike Thanks For The Memories, which so fairy tale-like. P.S I Love You is like a storie which might happen probably just around your neighbourhood. That how a girl's life collapsed with death of her husband.

Holly, a girl who just like me, or maybe you, you, or she. An average girl, who not pretty nor ugly, not happy nor sad, not brilliant nor stupid, not successful nor failed, not rich nor poor. Reading about her heart to heart talk, I'v been having the familiar feelings of "oh that's what Im thinking too".

She has no significant strength, hated working so muchiee, ignoring bosses for the requests of overtime, not missing any weekend fun, with no hobby/interests except shop and drink, always tend to escape from growing up, smiling while noticing empty slice within herself, always looking forward for someone to tcare of her life, etc etc etc...

Yea so do I.

The really,really touching parts of the story, wasnt about how Holly fought to be brave and walked out from the ghosts/shadow of her husband passed away and left her life a mess. But how Gerry (Holly's husband) had acted as an guardian angel with all arrangements he had made for her via lil notes and letter. Memories of how Gerry and Holly lives together, then how Holly smiled to Gerry at his last glance to the world. These had again and again filled my eyes with tears...

"Live is for living, but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you."

I just cant wait to finish this book to find out how Holly find her way outa the sorrow life of singleton and adapt to the world. As if it might be able to inspire abiit to myself too....

The Movie Trailer of PS I Love You

I definitely wanna watch this movie... But I can't find the DVD. Someone please help......


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