Winding Down

Have you ever imagine how harmful a cupmee can be?
Have you ever visualise what can soup of cupmee result on you?

Have you ever meet someone who suicide with cupmee.....?


Ofcourse noone will ever able to suicide with cupmee. Above was a freaking stupid question, kindly ignore.


But there might be some idiots who hurt themselves by a cupmee.

Presenting the impact resulted by the soup of cupmee.

Never, ever think soup that you can put it into your mouth can never burn your skin.

Fcking painful lorrr T___T

Im so so so so so the stupid lor wtf.

*** *** ***

While being a pathetic idiot who suffering the pain of such huge patch of burnt on my very precious functional right arm, I definitely deserve some therapy. Agreee?

Agree or anot, I've made these self-console moves.

I bought a blinky heartie hair pin costs RM19 for my precious sibeh long hair. Isnt it lovely?

Food for soul - The Undomestic Goddess of Sophie Kinsella. Have never read any book of her's, but it's one of those books of the month so I'v decided to pick it. Is storie about a girl twenty-nine years old lady who needs to slow down and figure out herself - A complete diverse character of aileng miao :p

FEMALE Magazine Aug issue is out (Gosh I hearted the previous FEMALE cover design lor).

*** *** ***

miao's Peek-a-boo of life:

I just noticed that the logo of my new Gucci handbag is sibeh look alike with "The Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo Da Vinci (What's this?) appeared in the Da Vinci Code Movie as the first leading clue lor. Gucci designers must have watched The Da Vinci Code while designing for this season.

Instead this is a Vitruvian shopaholic woman figure with shopping bags on her both hands -.-"

*** *** ***

miao's moan-of-life:

Lil complaint to Ching....

She dated me out for supner (supper+dinner) and busied herself with gadgets - chatting on phone while searching for Internet connection wtf.

The evidence - Gotcha!!

Im bored... ... ... How come my MSN on almost 24x7 with my mobile but noone msg me hurh?

"Say it again for me
Cuz I love the way it feels when you are
Tellin me that I'm
The only one who blows your mind
Say it again for me
It's like the whole world stops to listen
When you tell me you're in love
Say It Again


Anonymous said...

yoyo..yeahyeah..check it out~
nv seen u in hip hop style since i hav know u..
nv realise tat u suit hip hop oso..
kinda cute neh..

Anonymous said...

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