Chik-Chaks of My Week

Place of the week:

Titanium Super Dance Club, Damansara

It is located at Phileo Damansara, right infront of the Star building, opposite to Eastin Hotel. I have never been there untill this Friday, was there for GBOB Challenge (Global Battle of the Band) Malaysia - it was their official media launch. So me as neko was there to take care of 7 ambassadors supplied by aneko Management.

Titanium is very famous with their happie hour beer promo, which is RM100 for 3jugs. Really damnnnn cheap lor.... It has a huge grand stage for their daily live band, pretty spacious with 2 floors. Its a nice place to ber-happie hour, but most likely not a nice clubbing spot.

And the most impressive element in the club - The Ladies.

I entered the restroom with my jaw dropped onto the ground, its so nicey so pinky and so stylish. Then only I realize that it's sponsored by Moschino... No wonder....

The very runway backstage-like restroom, partitioned to 2 which served one side for ladies to touch up their makeups. How hearty :)

*** *** ***

Saturday I accompanied wonwon to hunt for wallet at The Garden. And that was freaking tired.

We went to various boutiques, then Isetan, then Robinson, then boutiques, and then Isetan again... Just to explore - compare - consider - compare - reconsider bla bla bla... GUYs please give me a big high five, I can totally understand how's the impatient or frustrations like of accompanying an indecisive girlfriend to wander in a mall, repeating almost the few very familiar craps or moans or admire or complaints or whatever lines.

I walked with her for hours - glue-ing my eyes with wallets wallets wallets and eventually my eyes get numb and every single wallet appeared to be the same into my eyes.

Okie I actually dont mind shopping. But really not for the same item for couple of hours lor...

Finally. Finally. and really really finally. And luckily I've never give up. I've spotted a whitey leather long wallet for her with an unknown Italy brand, which Im so into it's logo -- It looks sooo the Juicy Couture!! Yaaa.. Finally wonwon bought that after another round of compare.

My good deed of the day, that successfully ended my nightmare.

I was soo fortunate that I had my very very satisfied brunch before the torturing shopping tour commence.

It was a Tony Romas day~ ^^*

Im still so in love with the complimentary breaddiee :love:

Pacific Cod Fish had stop supplying, they replaced it with a new fish named King Clip. I've never know there's such a fish... King Clip has a more intense texture and it's more tasteful compared to Cod Fish lor...

miaoz' choice - Grilled Prawn. This is very very nice~ Definitely a must try item for grilled seafood lover~

Some random shots of the day...

miaoz selfshot while waiting for wonwon's fitting.

We both together gather collapsed in dlish after the very hectic wallet hunt journey.

Dlish the bar - self service please...

Warmy hearty Mocha of miaoz.

Wonwon's Pink Guava Juice.

I felt kesian/sympathy to all fruits on the earth after I read this line. We should have love fruits like we love animals. Stop taking fruit juice now on :p

miaoz in scary bare face + wonwon acting innocent.

*** *** ***

It's Sunday~ Must show show my victories of the week~

I bought a huawer for my hair. They are so in love~

The only victory I got from the Saturday torture session. RM109 :haih:

Wantik is finally back~~ WOoooooo~ HOOooooo~

Her lil good deeds for me from Europe trip.......

My dear lil White Gucci Leather Boston Bag that I've spotted her beginning of this year at Bangkok but was too expensive for with it's price of RM3k+. It's selling at 50% discount at Italy so it's only RM1500+~~

The interior of the paperbag ^^*

Some lil booklets inside the package, telling lil brand stories - La Cura Del Prodotto, La Storia, Controllato lalalalala~~


Patricia*Pat PAT said...

yooooooo....nyik ma....dint call me..

aileng miao said...

call u nxt time when gucci msia sales lorr :)

Anonymous said...

sry lor..doesnt noe u r so torturing..will u nt dare to gaigai with me next time kahh?thx for puing me hunt for my wallet..

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