Blog Header is Up~~

I have finally had my Blog Header up in my page~~ Photobucket

Does it looks nice....? Nice anot nice anot...? paiseh lah its my first attempt to customize header. If it doesnt look nice or any technical error, please please please please lemme know... Cuz sometimes a blog may turned up looks differently in other PC. But so far it looks okie in paqpaq and macmac ^^v

I've been searching for a good nice image to be attached in my header since quite sometime ago. It wasnt a easy job for me. Sometimes image is nice, but it does not match my bloggie layout; sometimes it looks nice with the bloggie, but the color abiit too awkward; sometimes it looks nice at the first sight, but after awhile it turned out not so nice looking... etc etc etc...

Then I saw this miaoz in sepia tone from chee wei's photoblog. It's soooooooooo nicey cutie and... sepia is always the tone I've been looking for to match with my black & pink template!!!!

Ofcourse millionz and thousandz of thank you and appreciations to Chee Wei. Arigatou gozaimasuda~~~


I know I know it was just a simply compilation of an image and afew words. But but everyone who knows me, know lah Im an absolute idiot in IT, very very low sense of art too. Therefore this looks-so-simple header took me WHOLE NIGHT to get it done!!! Some more have to do coding to put up to my bloggie leh~~

Please clap for my ultimate will and spirit~~ Clap clap clap~~

I know I know the image quality looks bad. But but it looks super nice in PDF format. Really~~ Dono why it looks quite blur after converted to jpg file....

My apology to chee wei, that I'v killed your art. Click here to check out the original version of the image, see what magic spell he has put into this photo that makes me crazily fell in love with it :)

PS: Im personally very the proud of myself of my b.r.i.l.l.i.a.n.t idea of putting chee wei's name into my header other than to link his name in my Love Credit - Try point your mouse to my header and see @(^o^)@

PSS: Comments are welcome, If you have seen any technical error occur please do lemme know too. If you dare to write in just to upset meeee........................................... Photobucket

miao's mode at this moment:

Photobucket fcking sleepieee


Love a Lot said...

Header pun ada neko -.-"
But anyway, nice one~ (dun throw chair at me ya)

aileng miao said...

hmm.. lotsa things to be modified to make de header match with de blog body :p

ailengmiao's site, ofcuz mz hv neko la!! :vain:

anyway, i don throw chair. i throw table~ catch it~

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