I'm Fine :)

This post is being wrote to respond to whoever cares/concern about me, about the queries that Is neko In Relationship....?

SMSs, emiaos, and MSN msgs from you guys, inquiring my relationship status or even teasing me in various creative ways were interesting. Some made my day with the endless cares or even laughters.

Dear all, dont worrie. I'll definitely absolutely doubtlessly inform/announce to the whole wide world saying that Im In Love if I really do~~~ No point for me to deny a relationship if it's really exist aint it? It suppose to be something sweet and lovely and proud enough to tell. Love embraces my life and it'd completed me. Why should I deny of given such a precious gift?

Yea Im having quite a number of
emo posts lately.

Emo posts created while something squeezing my heart and harden my breath. It could be Love, friends, family, my sickness, or sometimes simply emo. There were emo posts which involved more than one person, or more than one issue. Found it difficult to understand? Yea man how can it be understood while Im not revealing the storie?

Recently Im facing lotsa lotsa challenges and changes especially in work. Also Im very very upset with lotsa my closest friends are away from me - wantik is in her Europ trip till end of this month, Doggie King flying off in hours time to UK too, Amber left Msia permenantly. And also, endless workload that makes me away from alcohol/party for more than two weeks already T___T

Therefore, how can I not to be EMO?

Im really really appreciated you guys being with mee all the time and being concerned on my every single up & down mentioned. Love you all... Muacks... xoxo

Im fine. Thank you :)


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

See you smile so lovely in the picture, know you're fine~!!!
Genki ne~!!

aileng miao said...

yea... thnx :)

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