Sweet Massage

I do really enjoy massaging people who I cared of or cared of mee.... Daddie mummie, buddies besties... Is a gesture of showing loves and cares by moving your finger tips. And it feels just sweeet.

Even though ended up fingers are f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g tired. I just like the satisfatction :)

Seen one very,very,very cutie miaomiao mesu at model/actress angelababy's bloggie.

The miao just looks sibeh serious and professional while doing massage aint it??? Truly a mesu miaomiao :p


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Haha.... You read angelababy's blog too???
Wow, it really seems we have alot in common wor... haha...
I like cats too~

aileng miao said...

yeapyeap cuz she's drop dead preeeetty :drool:
yea yea cats roxxx :hohohoho:

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