Empress Cafe, The Curve

Some people are borned for living.

Im borned for eating.

Im having a very.very.very. ultra bad habit that my mouth always tend to be itchy at night, about 11pm. So I'll begin to look for food.

I aint starving, really. I just mouth itchy.

Therefore I can never lose weight. Therefore I say "Start diet tomorrow onwards!!" with my hand shrug in the air during my almost every supper...

Yeap I ber-supper again last night. An ultra freaking heavy ones.

And yea, for all the latenight-mouthitchy lads and lasses, hereby introduce you a nice mummum place which open till late daily. Dont really know what time exactly the kitchen close, but you can still order food even after 12am. And yea, sometimes we chillout there right after our late dinner at the open air seats with some icy chilled beer when we just wanna stay away from crowd.

It's EMPRESS CAFE, The Curve which facing right opposite to the very famous Laundry Cafe.

I remembered at the very first glance at their menu, it's really hard to tell what's their specialties, and probably abiit losing interests due to the very very plain yellowish menu design. They have local and western cuisine - basically everything...

The next thing is, you are going to be surprised by the food turned up really nicey :)

Presenting food that I had last night~~~~

The starter - Embuk. Something like a Vietnamese spring roll x Malaysian popiah :p

Pasta lover, please check out the Aglio Prawn, its one of the best aglio I had so far, but abiit too oily. Alternatively, you may order the very creamy cream sauce pasta too~ (they have only one variant of cream sauce).

This is an absolute no-no for supper but I had it last night OMG. A cheesie Tiramisu that catches my attention when it displayed at the fridge. Yummmiiieeeeee......

omg I wanna start diet tomorrow~~~!!!


Pizza, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Pie are in the neko's recommendation list too~~



Love a Lot said...

I always say I wanna diet but never jadi!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, tempting-licious tiramisu..

can post one to me???
i'll paid double for the effort..
& keep the change..wuahaha..

<<< ignorance >>>
i'm jus too wuliao..

aileng miao said...

Bear: Hmmppppp lets gain weight together gether.... T___T

amber: i tell u i tell u. de tiramisu is almost a food from heaven lor... okie la i'll hv my nxt visit there n hav anthr peice of it, den will post a aftr-wipedmouth handkerchief to u. atleas a lil piece of it wat kekekekeke...

**so envy u being taitai @ aus. me here work like a slave :sob:

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