miaoz in Bangkok - Day 5

Poor lil miaoz had a peaceful night tonight after ffk-ed by the purple penguin
:cursing the penguin that all her penguinz turning yellow and green, nomore purple color anymore, not even black & white in the coming three months:

Was browing thru the memories posted on my very uniquely own crappy bloggie, and had a shocking finding.

I have not finish my Bangkok Trip posting!!!!

OMGWTF how can I just full stop it half way blogging it, this is freaking irresponsible not committing act.

Sooo I decided to complete my Bangkok Trip posting. Here comes the very very outdated miaoz' Bangkok trip at Feb'08
:shame shame shame paiseh:

We had our lovely 6nights stay at Le Fenix Shukrumvit Hotel level four :)

Amarin Plaza - taken on BTS while heading to Central World.

A bright sunny flyover that linked us from BTS station into Central World, our favorite shopping center which offered medium priced goods ^^*

We settled down @ Suki More Restaurant for our BRUNCH.

The ever loved-by-me Thai Ice Tea with milk.

The Fried Beancurd and Roasted Chicken and.....? Forgotten :p

Looks Wantan mee but not a Wantan mee (>w<)

The three full mickey mouses in the contemporary themed interior Suki More Restaurant.

Our comments towards Suki More. Get it?

♥ Chics mess around time ♥

There are cutie stuffs every where in Central World neeeh.. We just lurrrvee it sooooo muchie....

And some romantic stuffs too!!

Found Vincci in Bangkok~~

♥ Even the roofs are beautifully decorated ♥

The sparkling sky river~

Toy-ishly in Zen Deparmental Store, Kids Department

♥ The Local Designer Boutiques ♥

Interior of Levi's Boutique.

♥ Girls begun to do silly jobs after the tiring long walk ♥

Something Sweet

*~The breaktime~*

Something Sweet - Great ambience, not so good drinks and cakes :p

♥ Shopping Spree at Suan Lum Night Market

We had our late dinner here.......

A restaurant in Suan Lum named RELAX.

The food are nice, with very very reasonable price and great ambience :)

It looks like those kinda treehouse which I always dreamt to have one when I was a child.

Chun chic spotted!! She damnn tall, slim with a big bright smile on her tanned skin.


Going homeee...... Nitezzz...

More more more about Bangkok Trip -----> Click HERE


wantik said...

start laughing in front of the monitor when i look at our silly act at bkk.....hopefully my colleagues didnt notice my laugh

aileng miao said...

den they'll al know that u r snake-ing :p

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