The Jinga Night

Let's celebrate my first independent day that free from Marlboro Torture Chamber~~

Myself, wantik, Sharon and Shyh Cherng had our very.very.very satisfying dinner at a hawker street @ Jinjang (Update- named Yuen Kee 源记@Jinjang Utara). We had fish, squid, vegie, crabbie and lala~ Yummieee seafood treat~~

Then we went to Station 1 Metro Prima to yumcha...

And we played Jinga! So lets the picz and videos tell the storie :)

I don understand why people always tend to write non sense on the Jingas...

The record~~ Sky High Jinga Tower~~

Yea there are punishments~ See that's why wantik so nervous dealing with the shaky Jinga tower.

Collapsed Jinga. So somebody has to be punished ^^v

And these were how we execute punishments....

First loser of the night - Wong Wantik, punished to bark twice.

*Okie I know its difficult to tilt your head 90 degree to watch but... I need sometime to pickup Video Editing lah..... :p

No.2 loser of the night - miaoz, punished to queck like a duck for six times -.-""

Queck. Queck. Queck T___T

And then... The threesome were in karma bcuz of bulied mee :hohohoho:

Know what animal was that...? It's elephant -.-" Millions apologies to Mr. Elephant of uglifying it... Three of them together gather collapsed the tower, so have to be punished together, and Sharon tried to escape from punishment..... :not fair:

And after this, they decided to boycott me for saving my own ass and then laughing at them so hard... :sobsob:

The final punishment ----- Cherng acted Lin Zhi Ling demonstrating the VO for OSIM USqueeze Commercial "Feeling limp on your legs? Hi everybody Im Lin Zhi Ling"

Ended up he escaped, cuz my phone outa batt!!! Arrrggghhh~~


Love a Lot said...

I like this game but hardly got chance to play.... Hardly can find few ppl out for yum cha session too... =(

Miss those days

aileng miao said...

this is a very kiddy game indeed, for wuliao people jz like us :p

yumcha~ comecome come find meee ^^*

wantik said...

yoyo...the jinjang seafood name long kei isit...aka prison rice~~ and it's not squid eh..but i cant translate tin loh in english..u faster go google...anyway..this is a pui pui ugly night....y post my ugly dog barking video..ta ma de

aileng miao said...

long kei mea? not yuen kei mea? oh shit recommended wrongly :p i noe its prison rice laa.... muahaha but u try ask others to look for "prison rice" that row hahahahaaa...

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