Life still on even broken

Everything seems hanging in the air. Im still struggling to land myself somewhere safe, stable. Finally Im landed with wreckage.

Life, still working even if it's broken. Im trying to live it, judge it positively.

*** *** ***

I've been working hard for this.

Yay~~ I've finally cleared my study debts~~~

*** *** ***

I miss them.

Funky Monkey, Flip Flop Leafy and 7-Chai

Cutieeeee... ^^*

I miss Manhattan Fish Market as my breakfast.

Monday faster come.....

*** *** ***

Self Indulgence Part I - Midnight Mc Dong Dong

Sundae Chocolate and French Fries @ 3am+. Absolute no-no for healthy lifestyle/diet.

Aftermath ---- Pinchable flabby chubby face.

I had it with a ninja

*** *** ***

Self Indulgence Part II - Mani/Pedicure

Manicure + Pedicure @ Nail Art Studio (Where's this? Click HERE)

*** *** ***
Purposely went to bookshop today....

Cecelia Ahern anybody? Actually looking for her "P.S, I Love You" but sold out lor.

Hearty design for "Thanks For The Memories", a storie about deja-vu.

Sweetie girlish novel.

I bought this too.

Cuz it's sooo like an adult bedtime storie book.

ps :: Photoshop is not installed to my Paqpaq yet, pending for someone's availabilty to install for meeeeeee~ Thats why all picies here look freaking genuine lor.


Wantik departed today to UK for 3weeks.... Im gonna miss her soooo muchie~~ Have a safe nice sweet trip~~
2.7.08 is dear Ching's buffday~ Happie birthday~ toooo~ you~~~
IT wong zi isnt feeling well these few days, pray hard for you to get well sooon...



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