The Neko Mani Manicures

I've got my nail job done again last Wednesday :)

I am a totally idiot in manicuring. I cant even apply a very very basic nail polish properly, not even top coat. Damn stupid right...? So I have to visit to nail studio whenever I need to beautify my nails.

This is the nail studio I have been visiting.

Nail Arts Saloon @ Pelangie Damansara, nearby the Curve. It's inside a beauty saloon named Powder Room.

Having mani- or pedicure in Nail Arts, the lady boss Agnes serving you with 100% OPI products from manicure to painting to after-paint care. As I always said, OPI is really really different *hehe thats why I love this studio*

Lil information to whoever interested :)

Manicure - RM35
Pedicure - RM45
French Mani/Pedicure - Additional RM10 on top of basic manicure charge
Nail Arts - RM25 and above

For idiots who cant even apply nail polish, can visit for basic nail polish service, RM12.

And then hor, for mani/pedicure maniac like mee, can sign up for package too~

Package RM300:-
One session of manicure for free.
One session of pedicure for free.
10% discount on all mani/pedicure services.
10% discount on all OPI porducts.

Package RM600:-
One session of manicure for free, plus a luxury nail treatment.
One session of pedicure for free, plus a luxury foot treatment costs RM88.
20% discount on all mani/pedicure services.
20% discount on all OPI porducts.

Yay~ Must show off abiit of my latest nails~ Im having Strong Dark Red with Silver Glitters~

Ta~Da~ Sexie anot?

Vain >.<

And then hor, the Sally Hanson Nail Growth Miracle I bought wasnt good. It doesnt really helps on preventing nails chipping and breaking. So I have to buy another one from OPI... Sigh wasted $$

RM108 original price. I hope it reall works lah..... I wanna keep my nails long and healthy so I can have very elegant french manicure which I have been fancy-ing all time...


Lil tips of nail polish care:-

Most of us shake our nail polish bottle before applying. But it's actually a big NO-NO for nail polish care!!

Shaking the bottle produces air inside our dear nail polish and it caused bubble bubbles inside, so when it hardly applied evenly on our nails.

Therefore, instead of shaking the bottle, the correct way is actually to hold the bottle with both palms, rub against it to warm it using our bodyheat. Firstly hold it upside down and rub it couple of times, then turn it up and rub it few more times and its ready to apply nicely evenly on your nails yeah~

Thats the way~


emily @ shinyshampoo said...

waa... so nicee...

red devilish~

aileng miao said...

*vain* *vain* *vain*

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