Genting XLive Music Festival

Pillow~ Bed~ Bolster~ Im home~~~ Im finally home from Genting XLive~~

Xlive... Is a so called music festival, with three zones of RnB, trance and the other one which I've never been there. Its held at Genting outdoor theme park. And I was based at The Arena of Star which plays mainly RnB, Hip Hop, and supposed Missy Elliot's live.

I guess this is like one of the sien-est rave that I've ever been with all unknown artists' performances. And finally DJ Spaceship, Goldfish and T-Bone hyped up a lil bit, then followed by pre-recorded and pre-looped percussion musics for almost an hour, and thats killed the heated up mood kaokao kaokao... *swt*

The crowd started gets sienzzz... Some even fell asleep at the audience seats. Alot of them shouting and complaining where the hack is Missy and what the hack the organizer delay for. But these noise doesnt bring any result. The stage was still clear with nothing on but the very Safri duo-like percussion musics (and ofcourse if its really Safri Duo that will be way better).

Untill 1am I left, things still going on the same way. Poor party people, poor Missy's fans... But I dont care~ I wanna go home I wanna go home~

Carolyn asked am I so silly that I have a room fully occupied by myself with noone else shares with me then I still so insist to go back. I replied that I dono why I just miss KL sooo muchieee and "I love KL."

Special credits must give to my buddies Derrick and Cageon all the way fetched me up and down from Genting. Million thanx :)

Home sweet home~


My right upper eyelid been jumping since evening. Is that a good or bad sign?



Nickster said...

well luckily i never went up to suffer the boredom in Xlive rave, hmmmm must read ur blog for updated social news :P

aileng miao said...


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