I wanna blog but lazie to write, so I post picz muahaha


My dear brother~~~ Mr. Perry Voon has succesfully proposed marriage to his love ones~~~


My entire family happily celebrated for his success~~ Phew weeeet~~ Mr. and Mrs. Voon will start their preparation and the wedding will be.... Next year~!!


Now mummy worrying about meee... She said if possible she wants me to have a joint wedding with my bro...


Meet Mr. and Mrs. Voon~~~ *sweet*

Mummy said we have the "family face" :)

*** *** ***


Neko's food recommendation of the week~

A lil restaurant (name forgotten) opposite to Giant Puchong, same row as Citibank and its just next to Old Town Kopitiam.

Three Layer Ice Tea, tastes very very similar with Thai Ice Tea I had in Bangkok. Yummieee...

Laney's choice, Asam Laksa.

miao's choice, the signature Hainanese Chicken Rice. The chicken and soup tastes so muchie like mummy's recipe, and the aroma of chicken rice is just so irresistable. Slurp slurp slurp~~~

Finally the project is over. Im gonna miss her so muchieeeee >.<

*** *** ***

Neko knows not only eat, sometimes she cooks too... That night my sis and I suddenly decided to cook, so we went 711 and bought some cooking material for our supper.

Sis' choice.

Sis' cook!! Nice hor nice hor?

And as for my part..........................................

I've decided to do Korean cuisine.

My cooking material.

Yea that's my work~!!


Im neko the mighty chef~


Cageon said...

very de geng neh u know how to cook korean...

dearest ur donut still in my fridge....=.="

aileng miao said...

ofcuz la im neko de great chef wat~ aiyo i told u to finish it ma. so many days liao not nice d lor.....

Patricia*Pat PAT said...

woo hoo~~next time cook for me ya~~=.='

aileng miao said...

i didnt noe tat ther'r so many ppl outthere admire my cooking skills... :blush:

Anonymous said...

*blink x 2", looking at the Three Layer Ice Tea..slurp, can i hav 1 too??
oh my dear, i miss u guys..

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