Neko's Extra Long Day

Monday, I have fully fully utilized my day to 140%. :vain: :proud: :lansi: :ego:

I wokeup 8am+ and worked till 8pm then went for gym then went to sing K at 1Utama Newway, then the most remarkable achievement was..........

We went for Mc Dong Dong breakfast at 4am+.

Coffee, Tea, or sleep?

My much missed Hash Brown and Sausage McMuffin. Slurp...

Anybody ever complete this Big Mc Chant challenge?

Neko the sleepie head.

I actually survived 21hours with my marathon super working and playing sessions. Im super duper proud with my fighting/palying spirit. you can see me !


wantik said...

neko un-human...neko de corpse..

aileng miao said...

neko the ultimate marathon machine~ /spirit

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