Wii Fit In The House

Introducing the new member of the Game Consoles Family.......

Ta da~~~~

Wii Fit~

Wii Fit for Yoga, Skii, Strength and Balancing, as well as Aerobic!!

The whitey Wii Fit. At the very beginning, I really cant able to step my foot on this white cutie lor.....

The basic controller of Wii for hand movements. And now comes Wii Fit for foot movement ^___^

Let seeee hows my family crazieee for Wii Fit :muahahaha:

Aunt on Wii Skii. lalalala~

Bro on Wii Skii Jump. Cool yea~

Wii Hula Hoop Game Demonstration by Shuuuuu :p


Wii... Is really a good whole body exercise game ^^*


Patricia*Pat PAT said...

wow wow!!nice nice nice...good excercise..

Anonymous said...

wowee.. Wii is such a cutie gaming console right right =)
really interested to know how gaming with Wii is..kekeke, ber-curious since im more a PS hardcore-fan.. =P

aileng miao said...

but but my bro said PS3 is not complete yet so he bought wii n xbox instead neh.... wii is sibeh cute de neh, even my mummy plays it too :p

ah puut ah puut come come my hs play wit meeee~~

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