neko off on Monday

Monday~ My only day off for Marlboro~ So I've decided to announce it as off day of aneko Management too~ :p

Thank you DoggieKing pui-ed me almost whole day :) But he always busy on phone.... T___T

On Phone...

On Phone again....

On phone on the bench...

miaoz waiting....

And finally finished~~ ^^v

Whitey and dirty

So we went for Jarrods and Rawlin for drink before the movie starts.

Ice Tea and Ice Coffee.

I've tried J&R food before at Damansara Heights. It wasn't impress me so muchie with their food, but this time their drinks really left me pretty bad impression.

They are charging me close to RM10 with Dilmah* Earl Grey Tea bag soaked in Cold water to make it "Ice Earl Grey Tea" which doesn't even have a single ice cube. And the Ice coffee also, though Im not a coffee person but the aroma just wasnt there.

*Dilmah Earl Greay Tea bag is selling around RM10 for whole box of lotsa packs at Tesco!!

So do you think J&R is a nice chill out place? Yea maybe for smokers. Cuz they have air-conditioned smoking area. And thats all.

miaoz cam-whoring with Multiple facial expression, ended up looks all the same =___=

He did it way better than meeee T____________T

Bye bye J&R~ We are leaving for movie~

Joined Sharon and wantik for a short drinking session at Apartment, The Curve after hung out with Doggie King.

We are on the bed ^^*

Last Saturday was our farewell day to Amber. She's leaving Malaysia permenantly *sobsob* Wishing her to have a sweet bright future on the new land which she moving on to. xoxo.

Tea time @ Pastos, The Garden.

Dark Chocolate + Expresso = Mokaffe = kickass caffeine~

Ice Peach Tea

Im so blessed to have you with me for more than a decade *muackz*

Guess what? I've seen some very very very very very very freaking goddamn it cutie lovely puzzles at MidValley Puzzle World.

Yes they are made by puzzle pieces to become a 3D puzzle toy!! Cute!!

Stitch looked at me begging me to bring it home....

But I love Mickey more than Stitch.

Panaroma puzzle with Santorini scene!!!! OMG love it~~!!!!


Anonymous said...

yeah..time passes fast..
yrs aft yrs...
today only i realised that i have got u as my best pal + zi mui for more than A Decade...
lol...it reminds me we r getting older n older..
u love the santorini puzzle lots??
alright, we wil buy it for ur buffday present nxt yr..LOL..
u must b loving us vy much..

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