It's Saturday......

It's Saturday.

I know I'll definitely being super ultra emo tonight when I trapped in Marlboro.

I miss my freedom so muchieee. I miss those craziee weekends I had.

Nevermind. Im telling myself. It's just gonna be few months. I should have be grateful that Im stil having my Monday :)

*** *** ***
I found new angle for camwhoring ^^*

Snap snap from the top~

Yeee-yeah~ I found myself super creative~ I named it Hobbits Angle - the angle which makes people looks Hobbit-ly short

Hyper miao + bored Bul

Lets hyper together gather~

*** *** ***

The Purple Penguin is back from China after her Ms Leisure World. Welcome back~ :hugz:

Im enjoy browing pictures of pwetty chics from all over the world in her blog. I fave-ed Ms.Taiwan ^^*

A pearl which digged out from a big la-la's mouth by a purple colour penguin.

Thanx for the pressieee. I like it sooo muchieee, its so the tai-tai like de neh *v*

*** *** ***

04.07.08. Amber has finally flew away from Malaysia. I had my final lunchie with her @ Sg. Wang.

Accompanied her for a hair cut. My hair is fxcking long that I wished for a chop-off too. But he's not allowed me to do so. He is so in love with my hair WTF.....

Okie I know I should have atleast preserve my precious only feminime part of myself from top-to-toe excluded my fancy princessy dressing.

Thats why I said, I should have really stay away from shopping center... See I've made mistake again......

Isetan in on sale~ 50% sales Miphosis baggie. Damn cheap its only RM50+ ^^v

I cant get rid of Shu Uemura Make Up Remover Oil...

We have been talking for so muchieeee nights untill pinky got exhausted and now, she's resting (:


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Cheer up girl, few months only you can buy alot of things with your salary then~

aileng miao said...

haha i wish too.. :)

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