Shopping @ Bangsar Telawi

Finally today I released my overwhelming shopping crave at Bangsar Telawi Street, one of neko's shopping heaven other than Kota Damansara. Im damn craving to their uniqueness owned by every single boutique.

Introducing mydressroom - Im sure every girls love it!

It's sweet, it's sooo girlish that I believe no girlie can ever resist from it's styles ranging casual to party chiczz~ Specially highlighting their cutting and sizes which jussst niceeee for average sized girlies and.... PETITES!

Located same row as Maybank and DeGems. The lightbox downstair damn cutie aint it?

From left to right: Button Dress RM69.90, Pinky Top RM59.90, Checkered Tube Dress RM59.90. Every RM100 spend will receive a RM10 discount. RM179.70 for two dresses and one top, damn freaking worth it!! hohohoho~~

The super cutie roundish button namecard. Kawaiiiii neeeeh...

Went to mooie as well, which loves by lotsa models. Their clothes are nice as well as accesories (Shoes, bagss). I fell in love with lotsa pwetty dresses but sadly!!! All their clothes are in free-size!!!! T_________T Now I understood why models love it........... Trust me if they do have sizes for petites Im going mad for their sibeh nihon clothieeesss~

Next station, Goss:ps, located second stairs next door to La Bodega. Their fashions of this season is not really my cup of tea. Girliess who love big and bold prints/chicky retro style, go ahead and you'll find it a hoard of treasure~~

Last station ---- moca, sister boutique of mooie. And yea, you'll woooooowwww for interior designs of these two sister boutiques as mooie has made themselve studio apartment homel-like, and moca, just matches it's name - a country cafe-like.

From left to right: Black Sequin Top RM49, White Flare Dress RM59. Again if they have more sizes available I'll definitely shop untill poke in there~

The adresss. It's just few doors away from Club 11:15 ^__^*

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Anonymous said...

i love the moca style so much..my cup of tea my cup of tea~ i wanna go n grab some nice stuff too..

aileng miao said...

den den im sure u'll "hehe" to them n ask for extra paperbag cuz it looks jz toooo nice for the price de neh~~~

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