Petrol Price Raising Up Again!!

Dear all... Special Announcement~~~~


A new price structure will mean that the price at the pump "Will depend on global market prices", cabinet minister Shahrir Abdul Samad. Therefore our petrol price will be exactly like FOREX or Stock Market. Everyday before we pump petrol we gotto check out the up and down of the petrol price LOL.

I checked thru lotsa media and article, I didnt see a clear reason why they have to change the price structure of our petrol.

Reason No.1 Given:
Malaysia currently has some of the world's cheapest fuel prices. WTF so we gotto follow the entire global trend to ENJOY the blardy high petrol price even our petrol is subsidized because we are one of the net exporter of petrol? Then what about our salary? Msia is no doubt one of the worst country to work for, our education level and salary gained can never tally. So are we suppose to have a new structure of salary and wages?

Reason No.2 Given:
Petrol currently costs RM1.92 per litre, which is less than half the price in neighbouring Singapore. Singapore has the best public transportation system and coverage Malaysia has it or not? If our public transports can be as convenient as our neighbour country then we can just cut down the usage of private vehicle and to take public transport to work right? Or just strengthen our legal system to reduce crime cases I guess people will be more comfortable on taking public transports right?

Reason No.3 Given:
No more petrol sibsidary after August, so we gotto get used to the high petrol price now on. What the crap is this? If this disaster has to come one day, I dont think we really need such "warm up activities" but some new/revised Compensation & Benefits System should have be enforced to employers to ensure the benefits of employees aint it?

Yes Im freaking not happie with the new petrol price system. I know yielding and complaining here brings nothing to our dearest PM's decision. Just hopefully our government can consider and listen more to their people before they makeup their decision among themselves. Or probably just some better REASONs when announcing new systems or structure.


Anonymous said...

According to the economist and financial professionals,long term subsidizes for petrol in our ctrl would not help for economic growth,and this act is actually a rational decision wo..and the subsidizes should be used in appropriate area bt nt petrol..face it lor..im damn fucking unhappy with it too..1 mth petrol rise up from rm240 to..RM400..then when aug..wow..double..rm500..shyttt!

Cageon said...

to correct you, not no more petrol subsidary after august...it's petrol price is now ALREADY connected wif world market price and will be revise every month, gorvernment will subsidise 30cents no matter da price gain high or low that month.if dat month market price is RM4, then price will be RM3.70 for us, if dat month market price drops till RM2.50, then you go pump petrol you pay RM2.20, vice versa...

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