I Tech Mini Clip

I've got a very,very,very,very hearty pressie from ma prince today.

T.o.u.c.h.e.d. Very,very,very,very surprise too. I wasnt really sure how should I react, and most importantly --- OMG I cant just suddenly take pressie from others aint it?

"I buy for you maybe you'l treasure it more and will always use it when driving mah. See your current handsfree, spiderman has made spider web there already."

Yea maybe... ... ... :p

Its a whitety bluetooth Mini Clip Handfree with pinky details. It looks sibeh blardy hell freaking nice, seriously...

How did you know that I was just crapped that the full pink is nicer than this one you gave me? :)

A gadget/IT dummy is now working hard to figure out how to use it. First thing I know is, to charge it.

I named it pinky. Pinky is so pwetty even when being charged.

Pinky's habitat.

Pinky's origin.

Thank you very,very,very muchie to ma prince...... Muackzzzz and nitezzzz

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