A Trace Back of Weekend


Restaurant Claypot Brothers, TTDI ♥

What : Claypot Rice, claypot porridge. Hongkee braised duck/curry, authentic Teochew dishes.
Where : TTDI, same row as Devi's Corner, next to the very famous Sultan Street Claypot Loh See Fun PJ branch.
How : Claypot rice is great! But Teochew dishes nia, better to have it with a porridge :p

Brn-jl table ware.

Teo Chew dishes - Choi Bow Fried Egg, Yao Mak, Hongkee style Chilli blended.

Claypot Rice with salted fish and pork patty. The rice is basically pure TASTELESS, I complicated it with patty to become irristable~

My artistic soy sauce shot.

Eckywoobee, Plaza TTDI ♥

We found a cool place to drink with good price~~~ RM7/bottle Tiger, RM55/bucket Heineken (5bottles).

They are best friends - quoted from Epa.

My notty attempt to try a stick of Kent Mintek Infina (to be simplified is the mintiest one with lowest tobacco) after multiple evilish negative influence from Epa and Derrick.

I took two sips. It was quite cool yea, really doesnt tastes awfully tobacco-ish and full of minty minty. Not bad though for a social smoker. But dono why I still cant learn how to smoke, I was having difficulties inhaling exhaling the smokes, ended up with headache kaokao... According to RT, it was because I'v overdrawn the smoke that makes my brain lack of oxygen.

As a conclusion, smoking bad for health. Especially for dummie smokers.


♥ A noon at KRTU for Golf Classic Tournament ♥

Sunny Sunday @ Club house swimming pool. (hey Chee Wei not only you can take nice scenery pic, I can do it too~~)

Look at my very kesian lack-of-love hair. I was onced a blonde neh. (How come I couldnt recall my blonde?)

I want I want I wanna watch Wall-E.......

Bye bye weekend. Im gonna miss you so much......


FireWire said...

aiya, dont try to smoke leh, bad for health and wallet. me going to watch wall-e tonight, i think it's really cute ^^

aileng miao said...

wall eee... i wanna watch tooooooo.. nobody wanna pui me watch T_T

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