Raining ever since...

It's been raining never stop these few days. I just love this weather, although alot others are complaining.

Im feeling homely these few days, missing home sooo muchie as I've been running here and there. Freaking tired. But doesnt seems to be good outcome overall. Kinda moody.

Oh yea traffic in KL is very very very unusually bad starting this week and expected will be until end of this week. Due to Independence Day rehearsal, there are afew major roads in city center closed from 6am till noon. I personally found that this is an absolutely asshole idiot idea to close these roads at the hours when everybody reluctantly get out from bed and rushing to work and ended up stuck in hyper jam and then late to office and then kena screw till upside down.

I was in the crawl from 830am today travelling from my house and reached KL Convention Center at 11am+. Oh ya, Smart Tunnel even closed due to the standing traffic within the tunnel, can you imagine how bad it was?

Therefore, better to take a train if you're planning to travel down to town until end of this week.

I reached home with head full of frustrations and anger and unsolved problems etcetcetc. I was so wanted to make complaint to my dearie bloggie about life and work and people and the stupiak motorcyclist who bang my car in heavy crawl then ranaway and whatever whatever.

But now Im reclining on my bed, feeling peaceful. I dont feelike complaining anymore, nothing.

I wanna read my book. Finally Im able to read novel, there was a few weeks I can really take wordy words books as my mind was too crowded. That was the period when Jimmy Liao and imaginary illustration and beautiful photography turned me on. Books are for life.

Dont be afraid in demanding for self indulgence, we cant work on no fuel.


Anonymous said...

No only you kena the jam. Another blogger also kena...checkout: http://www.jadezheng.com/

Got pics of the massive jam! Hmm....govt must be trying to catch you all bloggers! Lol...

aileng miao said...

oh i shud hv look around when i trap in traffic jam n see if thers any familiar faces in other cars anot hor

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