Avril Lavigne is too Sexy?

Needless to announce, everybody knows about this:

Everybody is wtf-ing with this news and congrat to the opposition party for successfully made a great Joke of the Day.

Is Avril "too sexy".....?

Appearance on man's magazines - check!

To wear a bikini during summer vacation - check!

Net stocking, School Girl-like costume - check!

To be able to rock the stage - check!

And most importantly, fashionably beautiful. Ugly chics can never be sexy.


Okie... Conclusion, Avril is sexy.

Probably the organizer of concert could do something to make the opposition more comfortable with Avril's appearance in this Muslim majority country lah. Such as below:-

1. Provide a few sets of Kebaya as a gesture of welcome when Avril arrives! And she might lurveeee our cultural wear so muchie, who knows!

2. Avril in Tudung on stage! In stead of flipping her hair while rocking the stage, she may flip the tudung~ How adorable can you imagine that?

3. Red and black are definitely the colors of PUNK. Get Avril in to this dress of Siti's, Im sure opposition will be sooooooooooo in love with Avril~~

4. "We don't want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists."
No problem~ The organizer can shift the concert to Philharmonic Petronas @ KLCC, and to transform the rock party to a big band MPO featuring Avril Lavigne Concert. Awesome hurh?

See Avril not certainly have to sing in rock what....

Anyway, the cancellation is not 100% confirm. Stay tune for the updates ;)


Love a Lot said...

Again? That time was handling this Gwen Stefani's concert when I was working in Maxis. Gerald, remember o not?

And suddenly "these" people said she's too sexy and all that, it's on the newspaper... I thought I work so hard to make the concert up with the rest of the marketing team, tiba tiba mau cancel?

Luckily management made it out for the people, and she did come.

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