Kent Reinvented

What comes into your mind when mentioned KENT?

- Barbie's sibeh lengchai boy friend KENT?
- One of the England County?
- 9, 6, 1?

The only Kent that related to me, is Kent the cigarette. Kent is REINVENTED, nomore 961 but Futura, Neo, Infina. Okie I totally agree that 961 sounded much nicer but dont ask me why they change it. They might not want to, but they have to.

It was almost killing working for Kent Reinvented parties tour in town from Cocobanana to Maison Heritage to the finale Mines Convention Center.

I hate seeing others having fun while I have to work like a cow.
I hate big scale events which lotsa lotsa clients eyeing on you checking out their return of investment.

But I'll have to say that the finale was awesome. Lotsa gorgeous party animals were invited. Drinks are on the house all night long. Wonderful party atmosphere with sexy house music. In this place, house is no longer a place for you to stay but beats for you to groove with.

The Entrance to the future.

The very futuristic booth demonstrating product stories about KENT REINVENTED.

Party people in the house.

People provide free drinks they drink it hard with their life -.-""

Finally our very kesian job is over.

The petite three of Kent team - miaoz, sweetheart Cynthia and is wantik again.

Anne Klein was happie cuz she found her twins there.

*** *** ***

Im home finally~~~~ Mouth itchy again in the middle of night but sooooo sad that my dear milk is expired, yogurt is finished, no food no fruit T_____________T

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad.... I wanna keep a meadow cow to supply me fresh milk all time~!!!

I miss Chyn's Absolut Ribena *slurp*

Of course an icy coool one will be perfect.


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