I spend therefore Im living

I've been depressed and stressed by work these few days.

Pressures are thriving. Oh god, I've never get sleepless ever for being worried about work, staring unseeingly at the wall with mind-full of yet-to-solve works. Being sleepless and ended up crawl out from bed with frusts.

Felt so mentally tortured.

Im not really that into feminism. Guess that's why god has put me at my position here to understand and experience the definition of this word, feminism.

*** *** ***

Went to Sungai Wang today to hunt for costume. Choosing costume was onced my favourite task, I wished everyday there are events for me to conceptualise design then to purchase and mix&match the costumes.

But not in such terribly tight budget.

Gosh Sungai Wang is seriously a heaven for costume shopping. They have everything that normal-human-wont-wear-out-on-the-street. And the prices sometimes surprised me.

*** *** ***

I took Ching for a ride down to Bukit Bintang for her mobile phone repair. My car crowned an angelic halo of being charitable.

And also to get her a watch as belated birthday pressie. My wallet crowned an angelic halo of being generous.

Bought her a cutie Casio Baby-G. Glad that she hearted it sooo muchie as I lurvee it too.

When I say I lurve something, normally that particular item wont able to escape from my shopping trolley right? Therefore I accidentally burnt my wallet a hole and made an impulse buying decision.

I bought a Casio Baby-G at my age of 24. wtf.

But it's cute.......
And it's not tooo expensive also what..........

Okie RM300 burnt my wallet a big deep hole, a bottomless one.

There was a tagline for a particular credt card, mentioned that buy something for the smile of your love ones is pricelessss. Ya my happiness is priceless, especially while god throwing challenges on mee.

New toy

Watch in a Couple

Double trouble.

Kai-kai break at Starbucks. miaoz slumber in couch reading, Ching online-ing - Didnt talk much aslike we are away from the busy crowd.

*** *** ***

I was supposed to collect my agreement at the evening but I ignored it.

Im so sorry I really really would not like to do so. At the time being I have to do so. I really need more time to figure out a solution.

Im sooo incompetent.........................................................................

I was so sleepless yet noway for me to get in sleep. My head still spinning.

Next thing I know, I was in the cinema for "The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor" wtf.
Then I was at the mamak wtf.
Then I was home yet still cannot settle down for a break.

Head spinning.

My victories a.k.a therapy delighted my day. . .


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