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14.08.2008 is a big day for me that I had a greatest politics war of my career.

I had a longest ever meeting which full of sacracism.
I had a longest ever meeting which full stopped with "We'll sort it out." I thought the meeting was called for sorting out these issues?

Dulan lor if like that dont waste my time to attend the meeting and squeeze my pink brain la, you think I have nothing better to do mea?

I can never understand why people always tend to create issues while they cant even take care of their own biz well. Responsibilities are like daggers, people tend to throw in off on a target so they can get rid of it.

Special thanks to wantik and RT for all the ultimate enlightening strategies. And willing to listen to my long winded industry stories. Arigatou gozai masuda....


*** *** ***

Its been quite sometime that I didnt really sleep. Finally its affected me physically - I felt ultra unwell today.... hmmm Im still a humanbeing after all...

Anywayz I had my dinner @ My Elephant, Section 17 Petaling Jaya.

It was pretty surprised at my first glance to this lil tiny cosy restaurant unconventionally "hide" among some low cost apartments. A Thai restaurant which not so Thai-like with contemporary interior design, soft lit but ofcourse some color colorful elephant paintings hung on wall, and a tatami dining area too!

The interior. *paiseh lor so much patrons I dare not simply take picz*

First and foremost - Pandan Chiller, sounded so sweet but surprisingly refreshing.

Brown Rice (RM2.50/head) Im not a rice person, but it served really good with all coming dishes.
Green Curry Chicken - Must try!!

Second dish was abiit disappointing. The Stir Fried Squid in Soya Sauce is just average, but it tastes really really different dipped with mint sauce.

Coconut Milk Soup that makes me fall in love with this restaurant again~

Finally I'll say this is one of the food you must eat before die in town, some more in average price which total bill RM78 for three persons (ps: there was another vegie dish which I forgotten to take pic :p). Yeah yeah~

My Elephant Thai Restaurant & Café
Block C - G4 Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya.
Contact: 012328 5028 , 019360 8911
Business hours: Tuesday to Sundays - noon to 2.30pm,
6 to 10pm except Sunday lunch.


FireWire said...

eh...is it near food foundry?

aileng miao said...

yeapyeap go pay a visit and remember to take their green curry :)

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