It's been a month after he'd move on. He's doing really really well, far beyond the expectation.

And I hoped that he could make it better.

A lot of things changed after he is no longer my guardian angel. There are people coming in and going off, there are politics and there are internal changes bla bla bla. A lot of things that I cant able to cope with, not without him.

He guided me through thick and thin. Onced scolded me but never give me up. If he is still here, Im sure I am not bearing these alone. I am sure he'll advice me in harshy long winded tone but always helpful.

I miss him a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot.... Cant bear it myself, really.

Although his voice through phone keep reminding me not to give up, I am not allowed to give up and I have to always work with joy. Although everytime I promised in tears welling my eyes, but when I got back on my working desk facing those unsolved issues, I was collapsed again for my incompetent of handling it.

Mistakes are not mistakes unless it can't be fixed. I am having so much of solid mistakes that cannot be fixed, I am an incompetent fooool.


Love a Lot said...

Miao Miao... *hugs*

Sometime we ourselves need to stand tougher... *hugsss*

FireWire said...

dont be too hard on yourself, you are doing just fine i hope =)

aileng miao said...

I think most of the time im being so reluctant to move on/grow up on my own. cuz everybody arnd me r such sweet... :touched:

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