When it doesn't seem right

1. Stop

2. Take a deep breath.

and then,

3. Start all over again.


It's gonna be alright, we just have to get over it, together.



If it doesn't work out, then let go.


yeeWen said...

really wan mer..dun laa..

amber said...

hurh??? what's wrong???
update me update me~~~

aileng miao said...

u girls don be so over sensitive la~~~

Kelvin said...

ur 1 2 3 is quite true but ppl dun really do tat...

I miss xu zhe pei too...she doesn't release albums anymore:(

aileng miao said...

yea mannn her songs damn good i just don understand y she disappeared aftr that one n only album.. such a waste..

amber said...

neh, vonvon lo..
blame her.. =P

aileng miao said...

niaseng to wonwon!!!

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