Ignorance on surface, selfish in beneath

She yelled, it was soundless.

She extended her hands tried to reach him, yes he is there, still there. She felt his skin, his warmth, his tenderness, she saw him in colours.

So she shouted for his name. It was still no sound. Till she felt the sore in her throat getting numb and then got numb, eventually.


He smiled. She was utterly flattered. Butterflies in stomach, flipping fluttering.

She extended her hands to reach him, yes he is there, still there. She looked deep into these eyes which drew images of his mind, attempted to seek for those images that she missed the most. But not a trace of it was seen. Not a trace of it. She only saw images of him and himself.

And he smiled back, not saying a word.


She panicked. She whipped her mind out. She puts her minds into a box and placed it into his palm, solicitously. Thump thump thump thump. She looked deep into his eyes, hope against hope.

And he smiled back, not saying a word.


She torn her throat and yelled and cursed and she punched on him, in a mad whirl of hysteric. One minute it's love and suddenly it's like battlefield. A battlefield among her bare self and his armored self.

And he was still smiling back, not saying a word.


And she saw black and white swallowed up his vividness. He was fading, or blending into the background. Eventually unseen.



By speech it may be cruel, it may be even more frightening by ignorance in action.


yeeWen said...


amber said...

did u just PS the pic?
or it's original?? it got the vintage feel in there..
now evyone is so into vintage eh..

amber said...

wat a dramatic post..
can bcome an author & hav publish ur vy own book ald..
like u r a vy deep inside & with loads of sense person..

aileng miao said...

yea i photoshopped it~ nice hor nice hor? actually the previous few posts i tried vintage-fy it too but it doesnt seem obvious enuf >.<

responding to the second comment.... -.-""


yeeWen said...

yalor..with the emotion u can write sth that so deep...geng~i think to use the 'xiu ci' in chinese to describe ur blog..it is neither ni ren nor ni wu..what it gonna be?

but it is obvious that you mean sth..and to who lor..

amber said...

y giv me tat -.-'''' respond worr??
not ngam meh?

wantik said...

好一只EMO de miao~

yoon see said...

I love love your writing.
So much emotion!
Just like playing a great piece of song!
Thanks for the video...lovely couple!

aileng miao said...

hoho how u know? u may be surprised~

deep inside n loads of sense sounds farnee for describing me niaa

好一只reply with chinese de 云滴

wow thnk u thnk u :p

yeeWen said...

so ngaM mer..oklor..as u wish as u just always emo for no reason lor..wakakakaa

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