Heineken Commercial Marathon

I'm having my movie marathon this two weeks to catch up all the summer shows from Transformers (yea I know I'm late), Ice Age (hmm the baby mammoth is cute!), Pelham 123 (hmm it just not live up to my expectation), G.I Joe (Gosh you gotta watch it, it's awesome even for someone like me, not quite a fan for superhero movies), Ghost of Girlfriends Past (nothing really impressed me).

Had watch this commercial couple of times - The Heineken Walk In Fridge commercial, I'm sure everyone have had a good laugh to it in cinema, right?


And then I found another follow up commercial which does not show in the cinema. Thanks to youtube.

If that's the way Heineken serves the world, it's cute lor :)


If you feeling like you are so wanted to have your own walk in fridge too, youtube teaches you how to create one too!

Genius, aren't they?

p.s: A spoof Heineken commercial I assumed.


This ad campaign reminds me my favourite commercial series during my college time, which also made by Heineken.

It was totally inspiring to a advertising school freshman - advertisements can actually be such out of box.

Here comes the second part of the commercial.


And this was how it ends. Chaoz.


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