August Summer

It's time that spring gives away to summer!

It's time that heavy fabrics give away wardrobe space to summer clothings!

It's pointless for us Malaysian shopaholics to yell for summer apparels I know. However, don't miss the hottest season for shopping!



♥ Light caramel linen long sleeve top, RM10x - Hera Korea Boutique, Kota Damansara.

♥ Faux skin gladiator sandals, about RM70 - Nice Fit Boutique, Kota Damansara.

Diamante hair band, RM33 - Diva, One Utama.


Floral Dress Vintage♥ Vintage floral dress, around RM40 - random stall.

Hair Pink

Pink Wraparound, RM39 - Diva, One Utama.


yeeWen said...

bangkok 1 havent hoi jiong now got new victory again!~yeng!

Cassandra said...

I love that dress!

aileng miao said...

hmmm... yea thats why i only bought cheap ones, less guilt~


amber said...

what? tat's y u only bought cheap ones? tat cincai shirt cost hundred oso chaep?
but then when shopping worm is waken, it's hard to lull them back to sleep again..i understand u, miao.

yaya, i love tat dress too, it's so in trend now.. i want one too..

vialentino said...

wah....nice beautiful dress ler....worth it for the price!

aileng miao said...

that shirt not cincai gahh, its nicey to meeee~ so its worth for the price :p
anoano summer fashions are always irresistible, let guilty for another season then take a break during autumn/winter clothing lor...

thnks thnks :)

vialentino said...


EVo said...

Wehehe...this is where i go for fashion inspiration! nice! =)

Julia Loo said...

omg we have Diva here in new zealand too :D i just bought this pretty pretty ribbon today, aaaa omg so happy lol :)

Ruby said...

Omg!!i hope i am not to late..love the floral vintage dress!May i knw where exactly did you buy the dress??pls..

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