Kent Miniaturization

A year ago, about this time, it was almost the end of my events and promos life.

Time flies, it's been a year.


A year ago, just about this time, I started working for Kent, that cigarette. A year ago, just about this time, I was working for first Kent Reinvented event.

A year later, about this time, which was last Saturday, 15th August. I've attended another Kent Reinvented event @ Orange Club, being a guest now.


6574_118034549701_729339701_2439441_3425850_n copyParty logo of Kent, leading us the way into the almost forbidden Orange club.


So a Kent event is always as big as ever, as happening as ever.

LightingI can't recall who was spinning up the night (such a shame, I know).

I love the way they play with the lighting dressing up the whitey blank cubey DJ console by reflecting multiple images and colours. Nice one.

And I like the projector screens, it looks like a spider web to me.


Party started.

Couple 1Theme of the night - Red n' Black n' Kent n' Nanotek.

When everyone dressed up under the same colour code, the pictures turned out quite nicey :)

Bro 1The BROmance ♥

M&MMel & miaoz ♥

The groupie. The guys are so red, the girls are so black weh...

Special thanks to Leona for the invites :)


Group 3

When nothing make sense...

Group 5And gone...

And call it a night, a weekend night ♥


p.s: Full album, click HERE.


yoon see said...

Wow! You looking great Ai Leng!
Red and black combination, the sexy colours that appeal to eyes!

Love the creative "K" Kent logo:)

I hope to go to the party too, look like you really having lots of fun.

Happy days and bye!

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