Creamy Ice Cream

Hey there, does this look familiar to you....?

Something in the anime?

Something in the comic?

Or maybe something on the street?


Or does it remind you about you know, the little ride you put coins in, and then it starts playing some nursery rhymes and moving on the same spot? That one that a lot of kids would have pulling mummy's shirt and cried "I want I want" with the other hand pointing at it.


An ice cream truck that provides ice cream that made fresh for you. Yummy!


When it stares at you, you know what to do... Go get some ice cream and chill lah


So can you tell where you've seen this truck?


Sam said...

Wah lao.. This one also u got ar?
Y didn't get the Big blue & red truck (That's the most macho one) and also the 2 naughty little Chevrolet as well..

Ekeke.. With my answer u should hav know whether i got the answer for ur question or not lor.. Ekeke..

aileng miao said...

hahahhahaha the they dont look as cute when they splited :) The macho guy ofcuz a must in collection. so congrat u got it~!!

hhahahahaha :D

emily @ shinyshampoo said...

cute pinknya van... lol... where u got it?

aileng miao said...

its not mine la actualli my boyfriend bought it, but its from toyshop, the transformers ice cream truck. i think the cutest one among the transformers movie series :)

Sam said...

No lar.. actually i didn't got the Big man yet.. Wanted to put in collection but the money always got other places to go instead of the toy model shop.

aileng miao said...

haha that means u are not exactly a hardcore fan also, good for ur wallet :)

Sam said...

Hehe... totally agreed..
Save wallet 1st.. :p

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