Neko Dot Collection

Whimsical neko (Jap: cat . miao) prints bathroom towels collection by Tsumori Chrisato


Click and enlarge it to check it out. This is so me, right?

I'm soooo loving it and I'm so gotta have it.

It's available now at Isetan KLCC, RM15.90-RM59.90, with 20% discount somemore wtf.




Fabrics embroidery polka dots sequins colours patterns Bohemian.

That's Tsumori Chisato.




Ever simple designs, ever quirky with a tad of sexiness.


imageimage imageimage

She's inspiring, at the same time being innocently childlike. She blends sparkling diamante into fluffy ice cream and sew and patched it as a summer dream.


More Tsumori Chisato past season ad campaign HERE.


yoon see said...

Great post! Thanks for this spectacular sharing! I love the bathroom towels too:)
So whimsical, soft, smooth....just making me happy.
I do collect bathroom towels.
Next time I show in my blog OK!
Ha..Ha..Reason to reward ourself with showthing special!
The sale is on right!

Anonymous said...

nice spot spot towels.. hehe.. =P

aileng miao said...

gosh i knew that u r artsy but i dint expect u to collect towels? omg its gotto be a damnn cute collection weh...

*nodnod* so cute it can kill... me...

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