xoxo Gossip Girl

OMG I'd finished a full season one of Gossip Girl in just.. ermm... Two or three days?



I'm never a fan of teenage stories especially what's evolving in Gossip Girl, bitchy, complicated for no reason, vengeful and sarcastic. I think it's all started since Twilight. I can stand Twilight, so why not Gossip Girl?

Well, I 'd decided to watch this, actually after a sleepless night watching Sex And The City Movie, the upper class financial-burden-free romance, I was so wanted to go for more. More of those beautiful fashions, those hair-do, those events/parties settings, etc etc. And yes, of course I'm too free, nothing better to do, best time for series.



It's not over yet, who's wanna lend me the Gossip Girl Season 2?

p.s: minus the dresses and heels, music are good too. Google for it :)


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