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DELL still yet to send someone to fix my lappie's problem in detecting external devices. Therefore my poor pictures are still stuck in the small little memory stick yelling for freedom and I can't help.

My life ain't as empty as my poor humble little bloggie. I'm so wanted to release my poor pictures out so I can blog about the poolside BBQ session @ Gerald's new habitat, the heart-touched farewell session of BFJ fellows, the spontaneous clubbing session @ Bambo9, and probably baby's Transformers collection...

If so happen any Dell representative were to bump into this post, please send this black mail to your respective department, otherwise ailengmiao will keep on babbling on this issue until problem solved okie?



This is so random, just wanna add in some scary factor LOL


Oh ya... I've made a turning on my career again, yes again. I am now back with my family.


Few days down the road I have yet to officially started working, I'm still very reluctant to crawl out from the 9-6 working hours, reluctant to begin my life with reverse working hours with others.

Few days down the road I'd got slightly annoyed with some over aggressive comments and recommendation and expectations.


1. I don't get things for free. You are getting your salary when you at least step into your office and look a bit busy and stay around until 6pm or maybe later. I am only getting mine when money starts going into company account, you get what it means?

2. If you think owning a business is like owning a kingdom or as easy as ABC, why are you still working for someone?

3. There is no need for you to tell me where is the best-est ideal-est business location around. While we both looking at things with our eyes, I have an extra calculator in my hands.

4. Stop suggesting something that it's already in the business and then keep bugging me that's the best way of doing it. I am here for expansion in case you don't get it.

Other than these above, friendly ideas and feedback are more than welcome. And the very few persons who enlightened me, thanks to you guys!


I am tend to easily lost temper or raised voice recently, my apology. Mind is too crowded and there are too much fear to confront with, causing my emotion swings up and down. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best to me, okie?



It's not gonna be long, soon I'll be able to laugh out loud again, like then.


Anonymous said...

yeah.. main page only.. lol..

my dell also kinda nuts edy.. and about working.. hmm.. there are many types of people with different personality and opinion..

so.. just stay strong! =)

aileng miao said...

thnx :)

Irenelim said...

What took Dell so long? Usually they come in the next business day to fix the problem. :)

aileng miao said...

irene: yealor but i called for two days oni there was sum1 to pick up my phone wth

luck problem T.T

amber said...

hurh? what happened? the post sounded so emo.. think i must be lacked of update..
u goin to leave ur current job?

just bcox of i'm ocean apart with u, doesn't mean i've forgotten abt u..
ooi, msn me more often leh..

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