Breaking Dawn

Sorry for the lack of updates, shame of it.

Can't get life composed, that's why. Things are like... Broken into tiny tiny pieces (all it's actually never been a big picture?), scattered here and there, picked a piece up, happily made up a patch of the scene, then noticed a few other pieces went missing.


Finally picked up the final of Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyer- Breaking Dawn. It's good, Bella has grown to be more determined, more mature, way better than the very annoying childlike "Love him, love him not" dilemma in Eclipse. I'm reading an adult book now, finally.


Random pictures of life before tomorrow . . . . . .


♥ miao's Invasion To Pet Shop @ Sunway Pyramid

Hamster Sleep

Found hamsters who sleep like this -.-



Also rabbit who turned around and pose for the camera. LOL.


♥ Favourite Food of The Month

Seafood Platter for two, Manhattan Fish Market.


♥ Bad Hair Day

The best solution ever - all up.



Blinged a little.


♥ Favourite Abandoned Dress


I loved it, but I'd forgotten that I bought it.

Source - Nice Fit Boutique, Kota Damansara, RM79 + 15% membership discount :)


♥ Velvet, Barsonic


Attendance taken.



One bonus attendance, for Bo aka Mr. Fluff.


amber said...

nice hair-do eh.. leng leng..
like taitai like tat..
n de sleeping hamsters.. they r sleeping like dead hamsters..kena poisoned..so funny..

kevinpnp said...

Favourite abandoned dress? If you love the dress, you wouldn't abandon it. Hehe...

Anyway, I like the glasses and the dress. It's cool. :D

Unknown said...

taitai..? *shy+proud*
about the hamster, i was asking whthr they die oledi issit while i saw them :p

bought and never wear den eventuali forgotten lor. but now wont forget about it anymore ^^v

about the glasses... thats the barsonic style, muahahhaaha..

emily @ shinyshampoo said...

leng miiao....

how you do your hair.. very nice leh.. wanna learn from you...

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