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♥ Random I

I love Ming's Blog. The top three finalist of Malaysian Dream Girl Season II.

I'm sure you'll love it too, if you love vintage, if you love heels and dresses and accessories and more attires.

Her blog roused my shopping itch, sinful one.


♥ Random II

Almost Lover

by A Fine Frenzy

A song that I sang a lot to myself during my heart broken period. A year plus later, I'm totally recovered, everything has been totally changed and unexpected, it's still as heart touching as ever - timeless.

From MissyCherrio blog I'd got to know about this girl - Tiffany Houng, 17 years old, young and talented, most importantly she sang my all time faved pieces.



♥ Random III

I do enjoy blog hopping, especially chicks' blog. Not to admire the extravagant glamorous lifestyle - I like reading about happy beautiful life, hate those blogs which can't stop rambling, exaggerating how hard how tough how sad how unfair life is.

Life's never fair, life's never perfect. Why choose to be a colour blind when you can still see the colours of rainbow?

Kennysia.com - Needless for me to intro, all Malaysians know how amusing he is.

Cheeserland.com - Needless me to intro, too. Most Malaysians know how hot she is. To be frank reading her blog sometimes raised my goose bumps, for being full of herself, and ultra bimbo-ish, and full of adverts. Trust me she has a brain too, bimbo sells and I'm still enjoy reading her blog okiee.

Nirachan - Hot Singapore blogger, less sizzling than the more famous Dawnyang and Xiaxue. But I prefer her way, like a soft, white breeze.

Lee Ming - My newly discovered favourite ♥

Miao - This Miao is not aileng miao. Is a cutie illustrated miao who I can't stop reading and smiling to it.

Jni - Another soft breeze for easy reading, Chinese blog all the way from UK. How ironic.





Trust me I was thinking of more than only these. After a short break chit chatting with my family, my short term memory lost. FML. So don't care lah. Topic closed :p


♥ Random IV

06.06.09. Saturday night - Mambo Jambo-less Velvet.


The girl friends.



The boy friends.



Guests Of Honour from UK.



It says Mambo Jambo but for some reason last night they can't stop playing RnB. It must because of Ah Gong, his birthday nia.



It doesn't really bother anyway, we had fun still.



And kacauz.



Must be because of Ah Gong also, last night Velvet flood of foreign hotties. I wanna be as POW as them, too.

p.s: in case you don't get it, I'm the miao who admiring from below of the podium okie....



We wore almost the same attire hohoho  B>



Hey Mr.DJ turn the music on...



Nice table we had yea.


Last but not least...


♥ chao the maoz ♥


yeeWen said...

there is long time that my picture now shown on ur blog lerr..finally~btw, could u upload it to fb?almost lover..meaningful~

aileng miao said...

Nono Im still gonna post about the BBQ session @ Gerald's place so you gonna have your appearance here again ^^*

Uh um one of the saddest song to me...

yeeWen said...

becaz it speaks ur feeling that time..

aileng miao said...

*finger cross nitemares never come back again*

yeeWen said...

hope so hope so~and to me too~

amber said...

aft some long time tat u nv blog a single post..
now suddenly came out with many...

cox of ur DELL probl? ur DELL is like brand new one wor..
so fast probl occurs ald?
sigh, why all ur stuffs tend to rosak at young age wan?? poor u..
plus, either they are spoiled or u lost it..reli meng sui?

aileng miao said...

amber:: yea luck problem niaaa... nola the past few wks was abiit busy la. now alot free-er, plus so happen has the feeling to blog ma~

wonwon:: *high five*

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