Cameron Getaway

Steamboat the dinner. A meal full of freshie greenie vegie. Feeling healthy.

Comp Steamboat 

Cameron weekend night market . bon appetit!

Some sort of cake or kuih or something, looking cute, like sunny side up.

Yummy homemade ice cream.

Fried potato (ultra loved!)


BOH Tea Center

Comp BOH



Antique Solid Brass Tea Rolling Table, since 1930.


The hill top BOH Cafe


Breakfast on hill.


Comp Chyn Comp miao


DSC01071 DSC01072 DSC01073 

Hit the local bazaar!

Comp Mkt FoodComp Berry 2Comp BerryComp Eat

Cameron Highland, newly discovered food haven.

Must try:-

Homemade Straberry Tart - RM2/pcs. Sweet surrender for the cutting throat price.

Potatoes - Love it both fried and steamed.

Grilled Corn, Cherry Tomatoes, and of course can't miss the Strawberries ♥



DSC01083Comp Cactus Comp Green


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