I had a dream

Self 1One hand pressing against the clear glass floor window, My another hand in my jeans pocket, hiding the patient ID tag on my wrist.

I spotted her through the crowd, pacing into the hospital lobby. Awhile, the elevator doors slide opened, she headed straight into my usual ward, where I'm supposedly laying on. Without a single glance to the surrounding.

I chased up to her hurry pace, I grabbed her hand into mine and she turned around in surprise.


Eyes snap opened.

And I noticed it's been almost nine years.


Dragon City said...

nice entry. But the photo doesn't load.. = )

aileng miao said...

oh is it? I tried re-upload the pic, hope it works :)

EVo said...

wah drama-nya this post. tell tell more.

kevinpnp said...

Were you in a hospital?

aileng miao said...

Boring grandma storie lor~ :p

U bumped into me in a hospital?

wmw said...

Hello there...I tried to email you but have a delivery failure report.

I'm writing to seek clarification on a certain pic that you uploaded on 06 Apri 2009 on BestFoodJunction.com regarding a promo done by Engka Portobello

I would like to know how you came about to have that photo in your possession. The reason why I'm asking is that the photo of the mix sausages used in that promotion is taken by me and this pic has been altered (my blog name watermark has been cropped out of the shot) and used without my permission and furthermore used for commercial purposes without any fees paid to me. Here's my blog post link with the said photo http://ugwug.blogspot.com/2008/12/very-porky-christmas.html

Thanks and looking forward to your reply... My email : emailwmw@gmail.com

Unknown said...

@wmw :: oh thats so bad for uuu I dint know that!

but anywayz for this incident, apparently Im not the one designing the advertisement but Im one of the recipient. Maybe u can lodge a report to the website http://my.bestfoodjunction.com/we-hear-you/ or direct contact to the restaurant because they came out with the advertisement artwork :)

wmw said...

Thanks...I will contact the restaurant.

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