Hotel Brinchang, Cameron Highland

In conjunction of dear Sharon's birthday, we've made a small casual trip to Cameron Highland. And hey, check out my lodging, believe it or not, I stayed there for a night wtf.


Here, Hotel Brinchang. Zi Jian booked the hotel, randomly from a list, without any research. And it's not exactly very cheap though, RM14x for a night.

Let's tour the hotel!


Main entrance, no proper parking space, no jockey, not to mention bell service okie.


The Main Lobby <slash> Concierge .


The room, with that kinda "aroma" that makes me dare not to breath too hard.


DSC00996The most unforgettable part - Toilet <slash> Washroom. Those who know obsessive-compulsive-disorder-ly into bathing, can imagine how nightmare was it to me.


DSC00999Once in a lifetime experience. Never again.


Dragon City said...

the toilet look spooky..

aileng miao said...

It's more than the word spooky...

Anonymous said...

i heard most hotels in Cameron Highlands are haunted :D

aileng miao said...

huurh reali? i used to stayed afew niaa.. those were okiee niaa...

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