The Visit of Optimus Prime

As mentioned in FB, I'm definitely updating my blog after dinner and my craved-whole-day Starbucks Vanilla Late...

So I'm home, I was about to blog about my trip to Cameron Highland for Sharon's Birthday, or in fact an excuse for a small getaway high school gathering whatever :p 

When I was selecting and compressing my whole load of photos, I heard something which been haunting me for more than a month I guess..... "I am Optimus Prime" wtf the Transformers maniac boyfriend is away and there's another maniac in my house...?

So the very classic harsh breathing sound of Optimus Prime was getting closer and closer, I turned around, and I saw this...




















Remember my cool poh poh? Who made a guest appearance in one of my blog post?

In case you don't remember her, here's her debut photo in my blog.


My poh poh yeng hor??? *proud*


My poh poh never bought the Optimus Prime Mask, my brother did.


He was super ultra hyper and fooling playing around with the mask.



So as my sister.



So as me.


Unlike Decepticons, Autobots tend to be man's friends, to protect the mankind.

Autobots are so close to human, and they even adopted the culture of mankind.


Optimus Prime indulged himself in the art of photography.


Even camwhored with it.



He fought for humankind.


He spreads love. Not only to people, as well as to animiaoz.


Just as anyone else did, sometimes he needs a tea break.


And some rest for the long journey...


Except having a few pre-recorded Optimus Prime signature speech, the mask converts your voice into the robotic Transformers tone too, included the harsh breathing voice wtf.

Hereby introduce the Optimus Prime x Sinchan x miaoz.


Sorry to all beloved Transformers' fans... *cabutz*


Anonymous said...

you guys stole optimus prime's head! =D

aileng miao said...

Whatta do he put it on shelf offer to sell it to us...

emily @ shinyshampoo said...

hhahahaha.. so funny leh... your pohpoh so yeng.. still can fool around with you all...

aileng miao said...

cool poh poh maa :)

*proud x2*

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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