365 days After Sharon's Birthday

It seems to be just a blink, 365 days passed.

It seems just yesterday, we were celebrating Sharon's 24th. Now comes another 19 June, it's Sharon's 25th.

So we agreed to have something quieter, simpler - no party no loud music no dance floor, just a getaway to Cameron Highland, just five of us.

So I'm leaving in few hours time, will be back in Sunday afternoon.


Happy Birthday, again. And stay happily ever after ♥


Reminds me that, last year about this time, I've been listening to Bossa n' Stones a lot a lot....


by Bossa n' Stones

Wtf I was damn 80's wasn't I? Listening to Rock n' Roll band while my mum upstairs playing pop unidentified songs. wtf.

But, yea I'm still like it now.

Chaoz. Enjoyz the weekend!


amber said...

Happy Birthday Sharon ^^

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