Revamp in Progress

Ladies and gentleman, babies and elephants. ailengmiao.blogspot.com is currently under construction.


Will be back as normal soon. Stay tune for the brand new look!


It's done... Finally! Feedback please........ >.<

*More Updates*

I think I've got every small little bugs fixed and I'm gonna settle with this brand new refreshing mode of template after almost two years of darkie blackie.

Thanks EVo for suggesting the sources. Credits to Btemplates - miao's recommended best blogger template site. Especially for those who fond of a clean and clear layout, and it's super user friendly too!


New love from,

aileng miao ♥


ahbing said...

done already? my first time here so I am not sure whether is new design or old. Haha.

You looked so SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY in the photo, phewphit! lol.

EVo said...

whoa! huge difference with ur old layout! awesome =)

and i just noticed ur pohpoh with the mask...oi hard to find old folks this sporting one wei. funny pohpoh :D

Kelvin said...

Simple and nice:)

aileng miao said...

yealor yealor my pohpoh damn cool wanz~ Lwin loves her sooo muchiee too :)

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