What the phark

Stomach irritation half a day.

Head cracking through the night.

Vomited twice. (more might coming)

Can't eat.

Blackout once.

World spinning the entire evening.


I'm a 24th H1N1 carrier in the country?

OR I'm pregnant?


Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

Better go for a check up honey... And I'll be waiting for your good news...Love BABY!!!

Unknown said...

Take good care of yourself, miao miao :)
If you really shot the lottery of '' pregnacy'' , Congratulations then ..haha..muak :)

alvin24 said...



aileng miao said...

yea yea my baby gonna blog about her life, from being in mummy stomach till the day she sees the world and then eventualli grown up :) that will be l o v e . m i n i m i a o ~

hor hor hor fiance??

alvin24 said...


alien bb........

amber said...

fiance stunned ald..

amber said...

pregnant ald? i wanna be the bb's kai ma..
alvin, u agree or not??

alvin24 said...


aileng miao said...

choy wat laa... shud say thnx :)

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