November 2008

November 2008 is over after all dramas. Leaves me with some kind of obsessions, some bittersweetsour, some changes. And a lot of uncertainties.

Im kinda freaked out.

1. I went Bali . And back .

I know I will forever and ever being addictive with traveling around. But never too long being away from home. My home is a drug.

2. My car got bang while innocently parked a side without blocking anybody's way. Oh it was twice in a month. The second time was few days after I happily fetched my beloved son beautifully re-sprayed aslike brand new from workshop. Fck.

3. Special Announcement.

Spot the difference.



Wish me luck. Thanks :)

4. I lost my phone.

Malang tidak berbau. I miss my N95.

E66 at supposed RM1266 AP set. Although E66 is closed to perfect from inside out, but Im still missing N95's user-friendliness. Im loyal, why does god always tend to do me and my love ones apart?

5. Celine Tourbillon Open Tote.

I fell in love with the first glance at Celine.

I brought it back from The Gardens @ RM1650.

The greatest ever French stallion of Celine in swirling and twirling, one gold one hanging. They gave me an "A" as for my initial alphabet of "aileng" :heartz:

6. Im looking for a job.

To respond to people who close to me and understands me: Yes I'v finally makeup my mind and Im sure I'll be happier this way. So wish me luck :)

To respond to people who think they know me: Oh the bimbo miao finally move her ass outa her heavenly castle and to dip herself into the working world. Oh Im so lost I need help.

7. Stay by Estrella

Sounds straight from the twilight, has me up all night... ... ...


kevinpnp said...

what sort of job are you looking for?? Maybe I can help you out.

alvin24 said...

The sort that does nothing, but earns shitloads of money!


aileng miao said...

Oh Lwin reads my mind~~

Anonymous said...

Miao Maio in love jor! Good luck, ya...

Mmm...nice song....and its from a Malaysian band! wow...i din know....

Just git married and become tai tai...no need to work jor!? :P

Anonymous said...

1. :) Yes, there's no place like home.
2. :(
3. Good luck!
4. :(
5. Wow, I never knew a tote bag can be that expensive! Hehe, I'm a noob when it comes to women's accessories..
6. Job hunting can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. All the best!
7. I met Liyana (the singer from Estrella) a few weeks back. I drew the storyboard for their music video at the Curve :)

ps say hi to ur cat for me!

Anonymous said...

OMG! spending again~ salute u~
i dun care arr, u must go melaka wit me when i'm bek later, no matter wat..

Anonymous said...

but..it's reli cute la..no doubt, it's so irresistible..

aileng miao said...

gepoh:: anoano finally ^^v dono whthr you have notice that this accoustic version is not the one playing on radio stations. And i actually prefer this version *hehe*

Artist:: I nvr expect theres someone out there really read thru my post, thnx for all your concern and advice. Liyana.. I think I met her once in a hotel function and that time she wasnt so wellknown as now. Her voice amazed me that time :)

amber:: Melaka only niaa... No problem~~ Yea it pulled my sight and caught my mind then I cant esc from it liao *sigh*

yeeWen said...

the artist is from my company 1..haha..my blog link him to u liao..

yeeWen said...

the artist is from my company 1..haha..my blog link him to u liao..

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