It's wonwon's Birthday~

I do always envy wonwon because she's technically borned same years as me but always get to announce her age a year younger! Just because her birthday is 26th November.

Yet this mean girl always complaint to me saying that she's aged...... You blardy mean wonwon.

I also wanna have birthday on year end T____T

This year, just as any other year, even though the mickey mouses members are getting lesser and lesser, but the celebration were still on to officiate that wonwon turned 24. When you open your palm and have nothing to hold, open your eyes and you'll see friends around.

We thrown a quiet but merry little "birthday party" for wonwon on her exact birthdate before her belated Birthday Bash HERE.

Check out our starter of the birthday dinner. Name forgotten but those are some fresh nice shrimp served with breaddie generously spreaded with garlic butter.

This is definitely something for shrimp lover - Shrimp Heaven of combination of shrimps in different cooking method.

Oh this is the best stuff of the night - fish and shrimp and mashed potato, oh yummy gravy flooded them all. Simply irresistible...

Isnt these good stuff seems familiar? Yes there's where we were, Bubba Gump Shrimp House @ The Curve. Awww shrimp shrimps I love youuuu.

Run Forest Run. Stop Forest Stop.

When Forest stopped. We went and have a nice walk+shop in Curve, hoping to be able to burn off some fat gained from the heavy dinner. Im looking forward Xmas decoration of The Curve.

When the shopping center dimmed off their commercial lights, the alcohol obsession brought us to Deutsches Haus @ Damansara Perdana - our heaven for Germany and Belgium beer freshly from the draught :yumzzz: This newly opened Deutsches Haus located in the same building as Citibank.

My Germany brewed Franziskaner Weissbier - abit stronger, heavier and bolder. But alot creamier.

They enjoyed the smoothness and lightness of Hoegaarden. I've been admiring Belgium for it's chocolates, churches, french fries :p Now I found another reason to love it - the sweet aftertastes Belgian Hoegaarden :yumzzz:

Our very usual thing to do.

And of course to count down for wonwon's birthday, with a little Strawberry Tart :)

As well as a party hat for the birthday girl as the star of the night.

Of course not to forget to put on a party mask.

Oh now she's the most dazzling star of the night.



Happy happie birthday wonwon!!


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