In Love with OPI

It's been almost a year since my first ever mani/pedicure at February this year, and the obsessions spread helplessly in my vein. Eventually to become like a part of my garments.

I already cannot recall those time when my nails were soooo plastically thin and weak and so fragile.

Yes my nails are still very very thin even after a year of endless care to it. It's always full of fine crack lines which I can peel off my nails layer by layer (quite terror hor?), and appeared to be ultra dry i never know why.

Back then when I was a noobie dumb who know nuts about nail cares, I frequently suffer the pain of cuticles peel off due to dryness. Yes it was freaking painful and it bleeeds.

I tried numerous brands of products, some works, but not really help much, such as Sally Hansen, it has almost every same products that OPI has with half of OPI's price. Unfortunately beauty has no economic way, half the price can only provide half the result.

I worshiped OPI.

Yes OPI sometimes do really ridiculously priced.

OPI Topcoat - RM55
OPI Nail Envy - RM108

Avoplex Series -
Enzyme Skin Therapy Cleanser : RM11x,
Body Cream(small): RM47,
Nail & Cuticle Replenish Oil: RM50+-

Cutting throat? I know. I shall give a special credit for Nail Art Saloon for the 20% discount on each item.

♥ Lil Nail Care Tips ♥

I normally do these after bath, before going on bed. With my finger nails cleaned and softened from the hot shower.

1. Avoplex Cuticles Oil on each finger (do not apply on nails if you wanna have something on your nails okiee), gently massage one by one till it absorbed.

I looove the smooooth and moisturized feeling.

2. Nail Envy on, one by one.

I hearted Nail Envy a lot a lot for the efficiency of keeping my nails safe from peeling off and cracker. As well as to cover all the ugly cracking fine lines on nails.

Nail Envy Matte was bought initially hoping that it would be able to cover my yellowish nails after tooo much manicure and I am soooo lazy to do nail buffing too :p But it doesnt turn up so well in concealing yellowish color. I am currently using it as a base coat, and I apply it every alternate day during my bare nails period.

Little Advice :

Nail Envy Matte is good for those people who's having original nice nail color, you may apply it straight to have a French Manicure color. PS: Only Works Well When Your Original Nail Color Is Nice. Otherwise will look abit dead on yellowish nails.

For those who's always having nail polish/manicure on, Nail Envy Original Clear Color is definitely a better choice, as you can fully utilize it as a top coat as well, and it wouldnt affect your nail colors.

Nail Envy is a nail strengthener treatment, apparently it is alot thicker and milkier compared to nail polish. Please allow extra time for Nail Envy to dry up after application, and yes, do not greedily apply too thick. It is a lot thicker to nail polish.

*** *** ***

Oh must not forget to mention, skincare series by this guru of nail care is a must-try too. Im sure you'll fall in love with the refreshing sweet scent of it. As well as the after exfoliate smooth touch upon each application :)


Anonymous said...

omg, RM 108 for tat tiny lil small bottle?? super duper cut throat..

emily @ shinyshampoo said...


i got it for around SGD$20, which equals to RM50++.

and thanks for the post btw.. i'mm so happy i bought it edi.. lol~

aileng miao said...

amber:: yea it is.... But once started using it hor, Im sure evrybody will be addicted and cant get rid of it lorrr...

Emily:: awwwwww whatta do malaysia has only one OPI distributor and they keep increasing the price. Nothing we can do aso except stop using lorr... T__T yeah another OPI fan in the house~~

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