Jingle All The Way

I am having FEVER, for the very very first time ever since that I'v grown up. I can get sick once awhile, but very very seldom a fever which is an authorised ill for everybody, especially to Mr. Thermometer.

Im so sick of myself. Since when I am so annoying-ly merajuk like brainless bitch who has nothing better to do in life?

Oh is your excuses really that unpersuasive? Or I really have nothing better to think about?

Anywayz, because of my fever, I believe that I'v seen miracle of faith which I've been told since Sunday School in my childhood time - Wherever you are, wherever he is. When I thought that I was helplessly all alone, curling up and shivering and dropping tears and eventually losing senses, I saw my memories flashing brightly. An hour later I wokeup and I felt a lot better.

For whatever reason that my sickness was taken away that night, Im being very thankful and blessed for that. I love my life.

Oh Christmas is just around the corner, my favourite festive of the year :)

The very very tall and gorgeous Christmas Tree @ Mid Valley.

The over size ornaments are cute *lurve*

The Gardens is decorated with chandeliers and ivory human cages. Ooooooh I want one for my bear bear.

I've spotted the best timing to meet Christmas Carols :)

Say hi to snowman. When can I build a real one myself?

KLCC Christmas Tree - probably the largest Christmas Tree I've seen this year.

One Utama - looks a bit similar with Christmas decoration of Pavilion last year.

I've finally got my Twilight after two weeks waiting ^^v


kevinpnp said...

You wanna make a snowman? It's actually quite fun making one.

When I was in uni, There was a group of students that made a gigantic snowball. The snowball is taller is about 1.7m in diameter. HAha... The snowball stayed there for 2 days and 2 nights until it melted. Haha... :D

I'll take a photo of a snowman for you if I make one on my ski trip. :D

wantik said...

yoyo..sick miaoz..bahlianya....anyway long time din heard u sick liao eh...being sick once in a while will makes u stay healthy...ngehehe......i've waited my twilight for one week...hope it will come soon~~

aileng miao said...

kevinpnp:: hehe thnx in advance. looking forward it. makesure is a cute n huge one :)

wantik:: oh the twilight hv an abiit boring begining. u gotto stay patient til edward confess then only start getting diabetes :p

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