27th April I

This is a story about Monday . 27th April .

I was looking at Google Home Page and puzzled with the dotty Google logo. Of course I did rubbed my eyes and refreshed the page and it’d remained the same lor. What’s wrong or did I miss out something?

As genius as I am, I pointed my mouse to Google logo (I don’t know how many years ago you guys already found out about this, but for me I noticed this feature since last year). And I found out it’s Samuel Morse birthday!

Therefore G-O-O-G-L-E appeared as Morse codes!

--.  ---  ---  --.  .-..  .

G   O   O   G    L   E

I don’t exactly know why Samuel invented Morse code except for the telegraph in the earlier days. It’s terrifying. Because I’m gonna tell you that I learnt Morse code and excel it during my high school time.

Back then I can communicate in Morse code, don’t play play.



…  ---  …

S    O   S

(Would people come and save me if I were to call for rescue this way?)


Or probably to call out my name lah,

--  ..  .-  ---

m  i   a   o


Maybe to confess?

..    .-..   ---   …-   .    ..-

I      L   O      V     E    U

(woot woot the non-interpretable romance)


I really can use Morse code want. Don’t mess.


By the way, it’s Samuel Morse birthday even he has already rest in peace more than a century ago. But it’s still a big Big BIG day of appreciation for mee. *pay respect to Mr. Morse*


He invented a set of codes that won me an award in my high school time. Believe it or not? Back then I participated in this weirdest ever competition – The Morse Code Competition wtf.

In fact this is quite cool. Three participant a team, three stations (each min A Kilometre distanced, the furthest want you can’t even see your teammate). We were given a set of message and communicate in Morse code with Torch Lights and Whistle, then finally sign language (Again I can read sign language in Alphabet, don’t mess).

And trust me it’s damn cool and damn difficult receiving message due to all the outside distractions and to pass over the message to the next receiver accurately. Challenging man……


So, back to the topic. I must send thousands and millions thanks to Mr. Morse. Thanks for indirectly given me an award and added a bit of glory in my gloomy rebellious high school period. Thankssss…


Next up, the story of 27th April Episode II. Stay tune :)


Yatz said...

wtf..you learn morse code for what? i dun understand you =P

so that you can communicate in the club? LOL

kevinpnp said...

I guess you used to be in some Girl Guide or Girl Scout Society? But it's good to learn Morse Code. You may never know someday you might need it. :D

alvin24 said...

I want to hear the story of 30th April!


amber said...

huh? wat story of 30th Apr? it's not even there yet la..
or something special behind tis?
or u wil b bek on 30th Apr? hmm..

story? hehe, evy1 loves story..
so do i =p..make sure it gotto be a great one ya..

alvin24 said...

Umm... 30th April... well...


And everyone lived happily ever after... the end.

WAHAHAHA.. great story right?

aileng miao said...

Yatz:: Yengz maaa.... I think Morse code cannot do in the club efficiently, sign language would be much much better :p

Kevin:: wow u are genius mannnn... I was a Girl Scout. How would you know that? Dont tell me you joined the same competition too.

amber:: 30th mahh... is a public holiday eve lor :)

Lwin:: ermm.. nono it suppose to the prince brought home tons of girlish stuff and the princess is happie therefore they live happily ever after~

Anonymous said...

haha interesting eh.. =D

amber said...

oh, ya hor.. didnt notice tat tim..
here each state has different date for Labour Day.. so funny..
it's a double happiness for u lo, long weekend plus ur alvin is coming bek..

Lwin: gotto roll out the red carpet for welcoming ur return lo?

aileng miao said...

kenwooi : thnx *wink*

amber : v din put red carpet, we put velvet carpet n played him mambo jambo music n pop black label btl to celebrate his return :)

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